Official Update From Edgewood College Theatre

Like many theatres across the country, Edgewood College Theatre planned a great season for 20-21 which is now being readjusted and retooled for our current pandemic crisis. We are making changes now to plan for some new events, while holding off some of our original season plans.

Edgewood College has announced a modified academic calendar concluding regular classes by Thanksgiving--thus limiting our regular production timeline. In response, Edgewood College Theatre is creating a new path forward!

Current plan for fall 2020, Edgewood College Theatre Season:

Tiny Beautiful Things: This show was cast in spring 2020, and our hope is to perform the production in our outdoor amphitheater with modified seating and blocking to accommodate the guidelines for health and safety. We’re working now on various scenarios as our phases continue to shift and unfold. Should it prove impossible to perform live, we are also exploring on-line options with the rights holders.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Unfortunately, due to the nature of COVID19, we will not be performing a musical this fall. We are working on safer options for the spring for students and patrons who love musicals. "Hunchback" will be considered for performance at a later time.

What are we doing instead?

Edgewood College Theatre is committed to continuing with our mission, even in this time of pandemic. To that, we want to continue to train students, provide meaningful experiences for audience members, and provide interesting, enlightening, provocative, and entertaining performances for our community.

Edgewood College Theatre is excited to present directed, polished staged “zoom/webex readings” of plays that provide meaningful content and opportunity for our theatre students to grow their skills and techniques.

This will include:

  • Three full length plays, with auditions, casting, and two weeks of reading rehearsals, performed live, one and done on YouTube. It will be a live theatre event, providing opportunity for our student performers to continue to build their skills as theatre artists AND for our community to engage in a shared theatre experience.
  • We are basing this on the model recently used by Forward Theatre’s Wisconsin Wrights zoom staged readings, but planning to ramp up some of the production values where we can.
  • The goal is to produce plays that are relevant, useful to Edgewood College classes beyond the Theatre Department, and speak to the needs of our time, which are, clearly, HUGE. Given Black Lives Matter and the revolutionary times we are in, doing a range of plays that can help build a just and compassionate world is our goal. With three plays, there is more than one way, more than one playwrights voice, than can help accomplish that.
  • We can produce plays as a reading we might not be able to produce on stage due to various limitations.
  • We welcome nominations of new scripts and old.

Beyond the fall semester, we have simply put a pin in the spring semester, and are in “wait and see” mode as to how the pandemic will unfold. In the meantime, we are excited to have some direction, some plans we know are possible, and a solid way forward to serve our audiences, our greater campus community and our students.

Thank you,
Edgewood College Theatre

Edgewood College Theatre

Mission Statement

Edgewood College Theatre presents an annual season of productions for the students, the college community and the greater community of Madison. We rotate our offerings to provide a wide range of theatrical experiences, time periods, genres, voices and lenses for both our students and our audiences.

These productions create an educational and artistic environment that nurtures creativity, academic integrity and professionalism. The productions also serve as the context in which classroom and studio work combine with performance as we collaboratively share our vision and ideas with the community, our audiences.

We strive to give students hands on opportunities to learn theatre by doing theatre--both onstage and behind the scenes, to practice green theatre techniques by leaving a light footprint on the earth, to serve the students we have at the highest level while always seeking to enrich the diversity of our talent pool, artists and theatrical offerings, and to uphold the Sinsinawa Dominican values and mission to serve.

  • "A lot of the general public might assume theatre studies is all about long-gone playwrights like Shakespeare, [but] we explore so many identities and current events issues that relate to our experiences in the modern world."
    Kaia E. Stofflet, 2015

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High School Matinee Season

We are proud to announce our 2019-2020 High School Matinee Season. There will be four opportunities this year to experience Edgewood College Theatre’s productions in the Diane Ballweg Theatre for free!


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