The Penelopiad's Poster

The Penelopiad

November 10, 11, 17, 18 at 7:30pm; additional performance Nov, 18 at 2pm
Written By: Margaret Atwood
Directed By: Jeanne Leep
Performed in: The Diane Ballweg Theatre, The Stream

Who tells the story?
Margret Atwood’s groundbreaking and proactive play retells the tale of Homer’s The Odyssey, through the lens of Odysseus’s long suffering wife, Penelope. With characteristic a wry wit, Atwood recounts the plight of Penelope as she waits for husband to return—fending off hundreds of suitors as she and her handmaidens hold together the house Odysseys abandoned for his quest. Upon his return, Odysseus inexplicably hangs Penelope’s twelve maids—a footnote in the original story, but the central event in Atwood’s retelling.

Rated PG13 for violence and mature subject matter. Not suitable for younger audiences.

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