The Triumph of Love's Poster

The Triumph of Love

Written By: Pierre Marivaux
Directed By: Susan Nanning-Sorenson.
Performed in: The Diane Ballweg Theatre, The Stream

The Edgewood College Theatre production of Triumph of Love is postponed. As a program, we are actively exploring our options to reschedule at a later date. Thank you for your support and patronage.

First presented by theComediens Italians in 1732, this timeless comedy clearly demonstrates the ageless affinity of laughter and love. “Marivaux’s command of comedy is so adroit that the exploit moves as effortlessly as a master chess game, while the humor is pure delight…The present [production]…maintains such a delicious soufflé lightness to it all, that amusing phrases which might have jarred here merely enchant.” —NY Post