Nickel and Dimed

by Joan Holden
Book by Barbara Ehrenreich
directed by Jeanne Leep
Performed in Regina Theatre, February/March 2006


Susan Rustick Barbara
Katjusa Cisar Teenager, Joan, Nanny, Patient, Kimberly
Eva Chaudoir Nita, Server, Carlie, Maddy, Patient, Melissa
Amy Froiland Gail, Marge, Rich Lady, Mal-Mart customer
Kathryn Wunnicke Kenny’s Woman, Barbara’s Daughter, Cashier at K-Mart, Holly, Social Worker, Angry Customer
Steve Kilkus Kenny’s Man, Boyfriend, Phillip, Patient
Cody Marenes George, Win-Dixie Manager, Ted, Timid Man, Patient, Server #2
Dustin O’Leary Hector, Editor, Stock Boy at K-Mart, Pete, Howard

Production Staff

Director Jeanne Leep
Stage Manager Sarah Johnson
Assistant Stage Manager Anne Blust
Assistant Technical Director Paul Milisch
Lighting Design Christopher R. Dunham
Set Design/Scenic Painter Meghan McDonnell
Sound Designer Paul Milisch
Costumer Cindy Hanson
Box Office Management Lisa Cummings
Poster and Program Design Julie VonDerVellen


Set/Construction Crew Jacob Andreska, Mindy Breuer, Brianne Chapman, Anthony Colleti, Ryan Flohr, Abby Geenen, Regina Hurley, Tanya Lightcap, Heather Maddox, Nathan Maier, Meghan McDonnell, Dustin O’Leary, Sonya Schnapp, Jordan Schrader, Molly Schweitzer, Gregory Sutter, Richard Walsh, Gregory Weiland, Kyle Zimmer
Spot Light Operator Jasmine Burnside
Sound Board Operator Stephanie Durrant
Props Cindy Hanson, Dustin O’Leary
Wardrobe Head Katie Kemman
Shop Assistants Brianne Chapman, Abby Geenen, Regina Hurley, Dustin O’Leary
Costume Shop Assistants Erin Bykowski, Emily Ciha
Make-up Head Becky Sue Lohaus
House Manager Emily Ciha
Box Office Assistant Meghan McDonnell
Dramaturge Odari McWhorter

Special Thanks

Special Thanks to Ripon College, Handcock Fabric’s, Mercury Players, Old Navy, Hallie Zillman, David Higgins, Chuck Fredericks, Perkin’s

Communication Arts Department

Head of Communication Studies Program Fred Kauffeld
Dept. Chair/Head of Theatre Phil Martin
Professor Emeritus Jewell P. Fitzgerald
Associate Professor of Acting & Directing Jeanne Leep
Assistant Professor of Communication Studies Michael Corrigan
Lecturer Christopher R. Dunham
Theatre Manager Lisa Cummings
Costume Shop Manager/Technician Cindy Hanson
Assistant Technical Director Paul Milisch
Department Administrative Assistant Kristen Meidal