Performance (Acting/Directing) Emphasis

*** Information about degree requirements and courses is provided here for unofficial reference only and should NOT be used as a replacement for advising.

It is imperative that you refer to the official Edgewood College course catalogue and consult with your advisor to ensure you are meeting your degree requirements.



Core requirements for major

Minimum of three courses (9 credits minimum) from the following:

Required course:

  • THA 365 Acting II

Two courses from the following:

  • THA 264 CK Oral Interpretation
    THA 385 Special Topics: Performance
    THA 465 Acting III
    THA 466 Acting IV


Majors who specialize in Performance or Musical Theatre must include:

A minimum of two credits in Dance, Movement, or the equivalent to be selected from:
  • THA 266 Introduction to Contemporary Dance
  • OR
  • THA 301A BD Tap Dance
  • THA 368 Movement for Actors
  • OR
  • THA 385 Special Topics (in Performance/ Movement)
A minimum of two credits in Voice or the equivalent to be selected from:
  • Music 130A and/or 130B B* Women’s choir
    *B tag only awarded if both semesters are taken
  • MUS 221 Private Voice
  • MUS 330 Community Chorus
  • MUS 121 Introductory Voice Class
  • MUS 122 Advanced Voice Class
  • THA 264 CK Oral Interp (Performance emphasis only)
  • THA 385 Special Topics (in voice)