Theatre Arts Major

*** Information about degree requirements and courses is provided here for unofficial reference only and should NOT be used as a replacement for advising.

It is imperative that you refer to the official Edgewood College course catalogue and consult with your advisor to ensure you are meeting your degree requirements.



A minimum of 40 core credits, including

  • THA 265 BK Acting I
  • THA 269 ADU Script Analysis
  • THA 290 Stagecraft I
  • THA 292 Theatre Practicum for majors (9 credits)
  • THA 336 C Development of Dramatic Arts I
  • THA 337 A Development of Dramatic Arts II
  • THA 338 Modern and Contemporary Drama
  • THA 370 BX Directing I
  • THA 390 B Theatre Design Elements
  • THA 470 One-Act Play Production


The major includes a minimum of 9 credits beyond the core within one specialized area, to be selected from Theatre Studies, Technical/Design, Theatre for Youth, Performance or Musical Theatre emphases.


All majors will serve as Production Stage Manager and head each of the following crews: costumes, dramaturgy, lights, makeup, props, sets, sound and theatre management.

  1. All majors are required to attend regularly scheduled Theatre Assembly meetings, all theatre productions and studios, and at least one audition per academic year.
  2. All majors are required to keep a portfolio of their work, to be reviewed annually after students have earned 30 credits.
  3. Courses required for the Theatre Arts majors are regularly offered on a rotating basis, normally within a two-year cycle. Students are urged to consult the Department of Theatre Arts website for information regarding this sequence, so that requirements may be fulfilled within the normal pattern.
  4. Theatre Arts majors and Theatre Education majors are required to maintain at least a 2.75 GPA in their theatre courses.