Performing Arts Interdisciplinary Option

London: Theater and Art History

GS 370 and GS 371 COR 2 A G   | Credits: 2 credits Fall, 2 credits Winterim |
Offered every two years  | Currently offering Fall/Winterim 2015/16

image from 2006 London tripimage from 2006 London trip image from 2006 London trip image from 2006 London trip


We want to remind you of an exciting opportunity to study theatre, art and culture in London in 2015.  This is a COR 2 and G tag course, that meets in the fall of 2015 on Tuesdays from 2-3:40 and travels to London during the winterim January term.

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For the first time ever, there is financial aid available. We encourage you to apply for both the trip and the aid! Both applications are on line this year and can be found at or contacting Hannah Lloyd in the study abroad office at Phone: (608) 663-2285. 

Applications are due April 17.


Course Description:

This interdisciplinary and experiential course consists of two parts, the first conducted in weekly meetings during the fall semester and the second in London, England during Winterim.

The first part of the course offers an introduction to the study of theater and art history, and to the social and artistic history of London. Course participants will engage in readings and research relating to some aspect of our planned experience. This research will be presented to the rest of the class when we are in London.

The two-week trip to London will provide the opportunity to study theater and art history in one of the world’s premier cities for such study.

While in London, course participants will experience historical, modern, and contemporary theater and art. Class sessions in London will be designed to enrich experiential learning through faculty and student presentations.

Our itinerary will include plays, museums and art galleries, coordinated when possible so that we will view art from the era of a play we will be seeing, whether historical or contemporary. We will also visit cultural sites in and around London that have been important historically for artists and playwrights.