Film Studies Minor

The new interdisciplinary minor in Film Studies is comprised of film-based courses offered by various departments and programs from across the campus.  The course offerings provide historical, theoretical, aesthetic and critical thinking components that will broaden a student’s liberal arts education.  The minor follows the development of film as an entertainment form, an art form, a cultural experience and a social force. 

Students will explore the historical, social and political dimensions of film in culture.  They will learn to analyze, synthesize and discern important information created by film.  They will learn to read and write effectively and develop critical audio-visual skills.  In a culture that increasingly relies on visual information, a comprehension of how meaning grows out of the moving image becomes essential to the understanding of various areas of society.


Career possibilities

Career possibilities for students with film minors include:  working with film companies, film archives, festivals, art manager, critic, journalist, artist, teacher, dramaturg, actor, photographer, story editor, story board artists, casting director, publicist, camera operator, screen writer, script supervisor, sound editor, prop master, costume designer, and library assistant.

Minor Requirements

*** Information about degree requirements and courses is provided here for unofficial reference only and should NOT be used as a replacement for advising.

It is imperative that you refer to the official Edgewood College course catalogue and consult with your advisor to ensure you are meeting your degree requirements.

The Film Studies minor will require a minimum of 18 credits, to include:

Required courses:
  • THA 226 A Film Criticism
  • THA 326 A Film in Society


Select one from the following:
  • ART 120 Video
  • THA 265 BK Acting I
  • THA 370 BX Directing I
  • THA 290 Stagecraft I
  • THA 390 B Theatre Design Elements


Electives: Select a minimum of 3 courses from the following:
  • THA 426 Special Topics: Gender and Race in Film
  • THA 385 Special Topics: Acting for Film*
    *prereq of THA 265 F3 Acting I
  • THA 386 Special Topics in Film
  • COMM 330 Introduction to Video Production
  • COMM 334 Documentary Video Production
  • ENG 391 Literary Genres (Screwball Comedy)
  • ENG 477 Screenwriting
  • FREN 433 Film and Society
  • SPAN 436 G Film and Society


For the Film Studies Minor, students must complete a minimum of 9 credits in the minor at Edgewood College.